Me Yah Whae Fall-Winter 2022 Agua Caliente Band Cahuilla Indians

Me Yah Whae Fall-Winter 2022


Me Yah Whae Fall-Winter 2022

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Me Yah Whae Spring-Summer 2022 is a magazine devoted to the Agua Caliente story; past, present, and future. Me Yah Whae features contributions by the Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians relating to art, the environment, business, leadership, entertainment, hospitality, and other issues affecting the Coachella Valley. The Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians represents one of the most significant cultural histories in California and is a dynamic force in the Coachella Valley with its economic development efforts, philanthropy and civic leadership.


The Power of Pattern
At the Agua Caliente Cultural Plaza, Cahuilla basketry comes to life through bespoke terrazzo floors.

Meet The Tribal Council
Since 1955, the Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians has elected Tribal members to oversee governmental affairs and economic ventures. All are unequivocally tenacious leaders and proud proponents of their Tribe and its future.

Point of Entry
The Tahquitz Canyon Visitor Center clinched architect Lance O’Donnell’s love for modern architecture and became a gateway to this sacred Tribal land.

According to Plan
For 20 years, Margaret Park-Robinson has helped bring economic development from concept to construction to reality.

In the Path of Tradition
Fortified by a history of Agua Caliente leadership, Jeff L. Grubbe set a course for his people in the 21st century.


GenerationsBenita Olinger Potters
A grandmother’s story inspires courage and strength for generations to come.

TraditionsLiving Off the Land
For millennia, the Cahuilla cultivated the plants that grew naturally all around them.

Giving BackBuilding a Pipeline for Education
The new Richard M. Milanovich Fellowship in Law supports the next generation of tribal advocates.

Stewards of NatureBehold the Burrowing Owl
Efforts to protect this small but tenacious creature span multiple agencies — including the Agua Caliente Tribe.

Valley PartnersCulture Fix
A new partnership with Visit California shines a spotlight on the state’s tribal communities.

Valley PartnersFull of Life
A scientific discovery on ancestral Cahuilla land leads to a host of naming possibilities.

Valley PartnersThe Great Hill
Efforts to rename a local geological feature aim to restore and honor the land’s Indigenous history.


EntertainmentBackstage Pass
Bringing people joy is just part of the job for ACC’s Director of Entertainment.

Dining Guac ‘n Roll
Mashed, sliced, blended — in all its forms, the avocado adds a tropical, trendy twist to these Agua Caliente Casinos dishes.

Golf — Water Hazard Wisdom
This is how to recover your game after
dunking your ball in the drink.

Spa — Of the Earth
Kneipp bath salts transform everyday treatments into the ultimate spa-day experience.

OutdoorsThe History of
Hermit’s Bench

The Trading Post perched over Palm Canyon for almost a century. Who built it and why?


Lessons From the TableDouble-Up Blackjack
Players enjoy more ways to win with this variation on the casino classic.

What’s Hot Up, Up and Away
The sky’s the limit for the fun, fantastical, and newly branded Agua Caliente Casinos hot air balloon.

By The NumbersAgua Caliente Cultural Plaza
So much heart and hard work have gone into this groundbreaking enterprise.

At Your ServiceEspresso Yourself
Fuel up with fresh brews and breakfast bites at Java Caliente.

HospitalityA Passion for People
Director of Hotel Operations Eddie Yago brings a world of experience to Agua Caliente Rancho Mirage.


Chairman’s Message

Ancient Origins

First Look

Go. See. Do.

Deep Impressions


The burrowing owl is one of several species protected in the Agua Caliente Tribal Habitat Conservation Plan.