Voices Of The Monument - DVD

Voices Of The Monument DVD


Take a journey and discover one of North America’s most unique and diverse mountain ranges. Learn about the native Cahuilla Indian Tribes and how they survived in such extreme environments. Soar over some of the most spectacular geological landscapes from indigenous palm oasis to one of the largest rockslides in the world. View spectacular footage of the endangered and illusive Peninsular Big Horn Sheep; plus a range of animal, bird and plant life encompassing five different life zones. Shot in spectacular high definition HDTV you’ll experience the detail of this diverse and seldom seen land.

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Take a journey and discover the Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Mountains National Monument. This spectacular, Emmy Award-winning documentary was filmed in high definition, and takes viewers through one of North America’s most diverse landscapes and habitats, the Native American culture of the Cahuilla Indians, and five ecological life zones form sea level to the top of San Jacinto peak at 10,831 feet.

Proceeds from DVD sales assist in the preservation, conservation, and education efforts for the monument.

2004 Pacific Southwest Emmy® Awards — Best Documentary • Best Editing • Best Photography