PS Underground Combines Food With Performance

Wandering supper club includes a few twists to stir up guests' anticipation

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Michael Fietsam and his partner David Horgen love to throw large dinner parties.

However, their parties became so large, and so extravagant that their home could no longer accommodate the crowds.

One of their friends suggested “they take this on the road.”

And so they did. A dozen dinner parties later and counting, their new love affair with food and performance has taken them underground – PS Underground, that is.

VIDEO: Watch a PS Underground party unfold.

PS Underground is their new wandering Supper Club business. It’s so underground that guests require a special membership invite to access ultra secret dinner party details.

“We give people just a little hint – just to peak their interest but they really have no idea what it means,” Fietsam says.

For example, guests were told to dress for an elegant dinner party but to have one thing amiss for a uniquely themed dinner party held in January.

“It’s important that guests dress for the theme, as it helps break the ice when guests first meet at the cocktail hour,” Fietsam says.

Part of the success of PS Underground is the relationships people have made through sitting at a table with someone they would never have had a chance to meet.

It’s clear that PS Underground has not just carved out a new way to dine in the greater Palm Springs area, but an interactive setting to forge newfound friends.

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