PSRAR's 85th Anniversary Event Celebrates Public Interaction

Organization welcomes public to share in achievements

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Dwayne Carrier still recalls when his parents first moved into a house.

It’s not a childhood memory, but one Carrier experienced when he was already an adult.

“It was a proud day for my whole family,” Carrier says. “When you’ve grown up looking over the fence, seeing other people enjoying their homes, you really appreciate it when it happens.”

So when a career path opened before him in real estate in the late 1990s, Carrier never really looked back.

“It’s my passion,” he says. “It’s what has always driven me knowing my parents worked very hard to buy that first house, and I help people do that.”

As president of the Palm Springs Regional Association of Realtors (PSRAR), Carrier (pictured at right) has made it his mission to share his enthusiasm for his profession with the general public. In that vein, the 85th anniversary celebration of the PSRAR is as much about recognizing the organization’s achievements as it is sharing it with the public.

The public event runs 6-9:30 p.m. at the Hard Rock Hotel Palm Springs and will take attendees through a progressive historical journey on Palm Spring’s growth. Special guests will include Congressman Raul Ruiz and State Assemblyman Manuel Perez.

Carrier spoke more about the PSRAR, which actually marked its beginnings before Palm Springs became incorporated in 1938.

“When you talk to the historical society, the people who purchased the land where had great vision," Carrier says, "And some of those people were the first members of the Association of Realtors. Raymond Cree was our first president.”

How would you say has the organization evolved over the years?
“When you belong to the Association of Realtors, our code of ethics just celebrated its 100th anniversary. When you’re a realtor, you operate under that code of ethics. Our organization grows. We have to with the growth of technology and with the market shifts that happen to us. This last one was pretty major. In order to serve our members, we have to be slightly ahead of the curve. So how do we address the short sales, maintain a code of ethics and hold people accountable? How do we deal with social media? Our longevity is a testament to how we are adapting to market, social and technological changes.”

What would you consider the organization’s more recent accomplishments?
“One of my missions this year was to get a 401K program for any member of our association, affiliate or Realtor. We’re all independent contractors. To that end, we’re not able to get group health rates or group 401K rates. This year we rolled out a 401k program. We have converted a more robust MLS system – that happened about two years ago. Mobile is the future in every industry. We have an app that is actually geo-coded, so you can stand in a location and see everything for sale. My goal as president is to make sure we show a benefit for membership.”

Why was joining PSRAR a good move for you?
“This fit me. I love Palm Springs. I am a cheerleader. I go out to dinner and I talk to tourists and I sell Palm Springs. I am a local boy. I feel that in my heart. I love this dirt and I sell this dirt. I want to be here."

Why was it important to make your event open to the public?
We’re very proud of our history and the history of Palm Springs. This event is a chance to celebrate organized real estate in the Coachella Valley for the last 85 years. This is for everyone. We’re ambassadors for every business in the valley. We just don’t sell houses. We sell everything. It’s plumbers, electricians, and the cable company. This is a celebration of what we do. At times it goes unnoticed. So I want it to celebrate who and what we are.”

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VIDEO: Hear from PSRAR President Dwayne Carrier on the role of real estate agents and the April 19 event.

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