PSST – Bling and Bubbles

Janice Kleinschmidt. Restaurants 0 Comments

Tami Cimperman wanted to send party guests home with rhinestone-emblazoned glassware. To her dismay, she found none; and vendors told her rhinestones wouldn’t stay on glass anyway. “Oh, really?” she replied and then began experimenting with cases of glasses until she came upon a process that worked (sorry, it’s proprietary).

With that success, Cimperman, who lives in Port Saint Lucie, Fla., started Foxyware with her father-in-law, who owns Vegas Golf of Palm Springs. She and a small staff hand-embellish champagne flutes with the letters “A” through “Z,” “Bride,” and “Bridesmaid.” A minimum order of 50 glasses can be customized with a logo or other design. Foxyware also makes a line of rhinestone-adorned martini glasses and shakers and linen dinner and cocktail napkins. Customers include some of Las Vegas’ finer casino hotels, such as Bellagio and Caesar’s Palace.


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