PSST! – Chewy With Chocolate Overtones

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Even teetotalers can enjoy the combined health benefits of red wine and chocolate, thanks to Marché Noir of Irvine. The bakery served samples of its Cabernet Brownie at Fashion Week  El Paseo’s food and wine event in March and sells the brownies at Café Chocolat in Palm Springs.

The 2.2-ounce, 0-percent-alcohol treats come in three varieties: Brut Cacao (“a velvety dance of texture & depth”), Nutty Noir (“toothy and dark, punctuated by hazelnut”), and Special Preserve (“jammy notes of currant & dried cherry”). Wine flour (made from the skins and seeds of crushed cabernet sauvignon grapes) gives them a healthy boost of the antioxidant resveratrol. CIA-trained pastry chef Rachel Marie Klemek also makes pasta with wine flour. The skin-and-seeds byproduct of winemaking — that would otherwise go to waste — also serves as a natural preservative.

The brownies, pasta, and flour are available at

Cafe Chocolat of Palm Springs
515 N Palm Canyon Dr
Palm Springs, CA 92262

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