Psst! – Make Them Blush

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Whether saying, “Thank you” or “I love you,” pink champagne always sends the right message. Jensen’s Finest Foods’ Chief Sommelier Chris Longo recommends Louis Roederer Cristal Rosé.

Sparkling rosés are trending up, and comprise about 30 percent of all sparkling wines now sold. The silky body exhibits an incredible youthfulness, making it the Rolls-Royce of champagne — and the perfect bottle for mom. Louis Roederer produces fewer than 5,000 bottles of Cristal Rosé each year, and few have had the pleasure of watching the tiny effervescent bubbles feed off the bottom of their glass.

The taste is rich and complex, and it evolves in the glass. It has an elegant fruitiness that pairs well with a studded truffle cheese, like a Sottocenere, or a tame piece of salmon. But it’s best consumed all by itself.

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