PSST! – Meet Sébastien Benoît

Canada’s answer to Ryan Seacrest wraps in Palm Springs

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French-Canadian TV personality Sébastien Benoît wrapped shooting of the ninth season of “Occupation Double” in Palm Springs.

Few residents of Quebec can flip a channel or turn a station without hearing the charismatic chirp of French-Canadian Sébastien Benoît. He hosts several broadcast shows, including the region’s most popular “Occupation Double,” wrapping up its ninth season at Alta in Palm Springs. Benoît took a moment to share some of his dating secrets.

What are the keys to a good relationship?
Similar values, good communication, and nonboring sex.

Any first-date pointers?
A lunch date is a great idea when meeting a new person. It’s usually bright, public, a short time span, plus there are no expectations or pressure to hang out afterward, because you have to get back to work.

If you want a better look at your date’s sense of humor and body, take them on an active date. Tennis or swimming will get those endorphins pumping and will be a real turn-on or a turn-off.

If there is a third date, it should be intimate. Pick a cozier location, introduce a little bubbly, and get to know each other with personal yet respectful conversation.  

Is laughing a “go” or a “no”?
A sense of humor is important; so if you can’t laugh at yourself, go watch YouTube videos of those who can.

What’s the secret to being a good host?
Curiosity. It’s a good thing to be curious, always looking for news, listening to other people’s stories, and being open to a new point of view. Most importantly, you have to genuinely love people and accept that your private life is now public domain.

You said location can “make” the date. What does Palm Springs add?
Well, let’s start with countless pool days and warm, late nights or the perfect backdrop of mountains and palm trees. Both elevate the walkable desert village vibe that hosts an equal balance of luxury and activity.

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