PSST! – Melvyn’s Serves a Kinder, Gentler Martini

J. Perry Restaurants

Melvyn’s at the Ingleside Inn is steeped in history. Eight-five years in the making, the service here is so spot on that everyone not only knows your name, but also recalls what you last ate and — depending on how many Mel-tinis you’ve had — how your 401(k) is performing.

The original proprietor, Ruth Hardy, was known for telling improperly dressed guests that the dining room was full. But Mel Haber, namesake of the legendary bar and restaurant, has a brighter, friendlier approach that earned the praise of the TV show Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.

Melvyn’s, which has hosted Frank Sinatra and Clark Gable, now lures personalities like Norah Jones and Cher.

You never know who will walk in. The maître d’ takes calls from New York to Napa for favorite tables and bar stool therapy sessions. VIPs and hipsters alike enjoy Mel’s popular martinis (shaken not stirred) and live music during the Sunday Jam.