psst! — The Right Combination

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One of the new interactive exhibits at Children’s Discovery Museum of the Desert, the Bernoulli Blower involves logic, spatial, and physical/kinesthetic learning.

This month, Children’s Discovery Museum of the Desert will start teaching kids how to crack a safe.

Don’t rush out and remove your money and jewelry from your local bank vault. The safes they’ll be cracking are installed in the museum’s new annex opening to the public on Nov. 19. They are part of 11 new interactive exhibits in two areas: Go Figure (designed to promote intellectual curiosity) and Go & Grow (designed to get kids moving and improve motor skills, as well as brain power). The largest exhibit comprises a racetrack and racecar building station. Kids will be able to design cars and then test their engineering skills as they run their cars on the track.

The museum expansion includes an outdoor area with gardens to teach children about plants and provide ingredients for Little Chefs classes.

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