Rancho Mirage Library Lecture Series – Dr. William Gudelunas – Jan. 15, 2015

The War Between the States: The United States Civil War

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Rancho Mirage Public Libraries local favorite legendary professor, Dr. William Gudelunas, returned from the East Coast once again to a full house at the Rancho Mirage Library Lecture Series to present United States History regarding The Civil War. Did slavery or secession cause the Civil War? Was it a needless war? How did our torn nation mend its wounds afterward? It was with great pleasure that Dr. William Gudelunas was welcomed back to answer these questions and expand the knowledge about the Civil War by discussing the causes, its inevitability, and the reconstruction of America in post-war shambles.  

The one hour lectures presented were: Causes of the Civil War, Monday, January 12; Necessity of the Civil War, Tuesday, January 13; Reconstruction Reconsidered, Thursday, January 15.

City of Rancho Mirage Library
71100 California 111, Rancho Mirage, CA 92270

Photography by Pat Krause

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