Ronn Burns of Vaso Bello Celebrations Talks Floral Trends

“I’ve noticed a shift away from playful, leafy overgrown foliage and back to abundant flowers.”

Catherine Downes Weddings

Beautiful blooms are coming back! 

Flowers embody romance, and Ronn Burns approaches his arrangements with a zeal that emphasizes each petal’s passion. 

Burns’ first job was delivering flowers for a high-end florist near his high school. He soon stepped out of the driver’s seat of the delivery van and onto the workbench next to his boss and mentor. “I still see myself as a design student with the same level of passion. I’m still excited to start each workday, still get butterflies before each event,” says Burns, now a seasoned and sought-after floral designer himself. “I’m still moved by every couple’s love story.”

Burns opened Vaso Bello Celebrations in 2014. The Palm Springs design center specializes in custom arrangements for weddings and events. According to Burns, a lot has changed over the last decade when it comes to floral trends. 

“I’ve noticed a shift away from playful, leafy overgrown foliage and back to abundant flowers,” he says. “We are using brighter blooms in lively color combinations. Although tropical flowers are still quite popular, monstera leaves have had their run and are now taking the back seat. The soft Boho vibe is replaced with a louder expression through color.”


A floral arch by Vaso Bello Celebrations. 

Those multicolored blooms can dazzle past the ceremony and into the reception. 

“The repurposing of flowers is a growing trend that I’m completely on board with,” he says. “Transporting flowers from the ceremony and giving them an encore at the reception is wonderful. It’s a service we offer at most weddings. It’s so nice to continue enjoying the floral displays throughout the entire celebration.”

As for wedding trends, Burns says the intimate gatherings of 2022 have been replaced with over-the-top festivities. 

“With COVID and travel concerns, gatherings had become much smaller,” he says. “I witnessed some of the most thoughtful matrimonies during that period. Although the headcount was significantly smaller, the heart, sentiment, and creativity were bountiful. Now our bookings are large, lavish, and luxurious. I’m loving every minute.”