Round About Now

A skilled repetition of bubbly shapes bring this home’s design full circle.

Lisa Marie Hart Home & Design, Interior Design

The eyes find more circles the more they look for them. From the round side tables and rug to the swivel bases of the armchairs, strong design ties encompass the floor plan.

Kitchens sit at the top of any home renovation wish list. Yet they’re often conceptualized as if they exist as a sole entity instead of being designed as an integral part of the entire house. You wouldn’t choose to wear a hat or shoes without first considering the rest of the outfit. Your kitchen should have an equally fashionable relationship to adjoining rooms.

KHA Architects harnessed the upbeat energy of curved lines and circles as the architecture and interior design firm behind this fairway home at Bighorn. Similar shapes repeat throughout the main living areas, giving the home its confident, unified sense of style.

A curved island and set of rounded morning room chairs set the shape of things to come.

“The kitchen and adjoining breakfast nook capture entry courtyard views, which allows for a wonderful space with morning light,” notes principal Kristi Hanson. “But more remarkable is the way its curving sculpted island relates to the curving sofa. The kitchen opens up a flow to the great room and bar, creating a dynamic interaction with the activity and the views of those spaces.”

Curved backs on the morning room chairs mirror four chairs with rich wooden frames around the great room’s wet bar. Armchairs show their own set of curves in the oversize conversation area of the great room, where custom-made overlapping hoops of light dance across the vaulted ceiling.

The eyes find more circles the more they look for them. From the round great room side tables and a round rug to the swivel bases of the armchairs and the wheels on the chaise lounges, the strong design ties encompass the floor plan, from bold to subtle.

Creamy, variegated porcelain flooring stretches past retracting glass walls and out to the outdoor living space and entertaining patio, bringing the full ensemble together.