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The HITS Sunshine Series is a smaller, more intimate gathering of some of the world’s best horses and riders competing in the dynamic sport of show jumping.

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Two-time Olympic gold medalist McLain Ward rides Rothchild at HITS in Coachella.

The HITS Sunshine Series is a stylish, show jumping competition where spectators can view some of the most beautiful horses in the world, watch as they leap into the sky over colorful fences, and compete for prize money of more than $1 million.

“The clients that show with HITS are some of the best riders and trainers in the world,” says Tom Struzzieri, president and CEO of HITS Inc. “The HITS National Sunshine Series offers family-friendly fun for spectators to come and be a part of a sport that they may not otherwise experience in their area.”

What is HITS?

HITS (“Horse Shows in the Sun”) Desert Horse Park in Thermal is home to this years National Sunshine Series, a two week series of horse shows that awards over $1 million in prize money, culminating in the HITS $200,000 Sunshine Grand Prix, a show jumping competition which will attract some of the top show jumpers in the world.

Why You
Should Attend

The HITS Sunshine Series is a more intimate show than the bigger Coachella Desert Circuit, traditionally held from January through March each year. “The biggest difference in what HITS does there in the fall is that they are smaller horse shows and with that they become more personal,” says Struzzieri. “Also it’s difficult to find a better time of the year to be in the desert weather-wise. It’s also off peak, so our clients can stay in places that they may not be otherwise able to and they can enjoy some of the things that the desert has to offer with a smaller crowd.”

Olympic rider Rich Feller and Flexible sail over a jump during a HITS competition.

White table cloth service overlooking the Grand Prix ring at the Go Rental VIP Club.

Amenities, Show Stoppers

Go Rentals VIP Club is an exciting dining venue, offering lunch overlooking the Grand Prix ring with a great view of world-class riders in action. There’s also a more informal food court with tables and chairs. Vendor Row is a well-stocked showcase for the latest products for horses, riders, and athletes. Many runners, bikers, tennis players and golfers find the latest in high tech, world- class athletic clothing here.

The HITS Sunshine Series, November 2-13, HITS Desert Horse Park, 85555 Airport Blvd, Thermal, 760-399-9200; www.hitsshows.com

VIDEO: Watch this promotion of the HITS Horse Shows in Thermal.