Desert Dreamers: The Environmentalists

Ninth in an ongoing series about Coachella Valley pioneers, innovators, and leaders throughout history.

Kent Black Current PSL, History

The Desert Dreamers series focuses on a group of dedicated environmentalists who watched over the delicate, ecological balance of the Coachella Valley.


Desert Dreamers 7: The Architects

Their works continue to awe and inspire, and the group is adding members.

Kent Black History

This edition of Desert Dreamers focuses on the Palm Springs architects whose works continue to awe and inspire, and continues to add new members thanks to a resurgent interest in modernism over the last two decades.

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Desert Dreamers 5: The Eccentric Visionaries

There is no doubt that the limitless possibilities offered by the desert often attract the most eccentric personalities. But it would be a mistake to call them crazy. It sometimes takes a generation or two to discover the genius of a nutball.

Kent Black History

In Desert Dreamers 5, there is no doubt that the limitless possibilities offered by the desert often attract the most eccentric personalities.

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Desert Dreamers 4: The Sports Stars

They came; they saw blue skies, perfect weather, and endless possibilities for indulging their sporting passions.

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From the beginning, Palm Springs has always been a sporty place. People first came because the dry desert air was good for the lungs (actually, its clean air, devoid of pollution, helps people with conditions like asthma), but it wasn’t long before the sports-minded crowd followed with their tennis rackets, golf clubs, polo mallets, and hiking staffs. Nellie Coffman laid

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Desert Dreamers 3

Whether through dancing, singing, painting, or playing, their lives and art reflect our valley.

Maggie Downs History

One of the stories often told about Palm Springs’ early history (a story like many others with one foot in the truth and the other hovering somewhere near it) is that the valley was a magnet to Hollywood celebrities because many of them had a clause in their contracts forbidding them to travel farther than 120 miles from their studios.

Desert Dreamers

Desert Dreamers 2

For these pioneers, it went beyond civic pride. It became their mission in life.

Maggie Downs History

Back in 1917, the Palm Springs locals didn’t even blink when they saw a woman clad in bib overalls and covered in grease. That was just Zaddie Bunker, proprietor of Bunker’s Garage, a woman who knew how to fix cars. She had a certificate to prove it because she learned her trade in a correspondence course. After her husband left

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Desert Dreamers

They didn’t see emptiness. They only saw possibility.

Maggie Downs History

“There are two deserts,” Randall Henderson wrote in 1937 for his first Desert Magazine letter from the editor. “One is a grim, desolate wasteland. It is the home of venomous reptiles and stinging insects, of vicious thorn-covered plants and trees, and of unbearable heat. This is the desert seen by the stranger speeding along the highway, impatient to be out

Dining in the Desert

Experience a traveler’s culinary journey through Rancho Mirage.

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Rancho Mirage is a foodie’s playground — amazing fine dining, great views for sunset cocktails, quirky spots for a pit-stop lunch, and brunches that linger.