Wonder Valley

Tobacco Road Boomtown

People sometimes call Wonder Valley 
a last resort, so how did the middle of nowhere become the newest hipster destination?

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In 1978, Navy jets ran practice drills over the area. They missed their target at a bombing range near the Twentynine Palms Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center and accidentally dropped 32 live bombs — 500 pounds each — on Wonder Valley. Maybe that’s why some people say Wonder Valley is a last resort. When everything else ends, this could

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For almost a century, dreamers and innovators have come to Greater 
Palm Springs to realize 
their brightest ideas.

Janice Kleinschmidt. Vision

For almost a century, dreamers and innovators from agriculture to architecture have come to Greater 
Palm Springs to realize 
their brightest ideas.

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Green is the New Camo

Ecological sustainability is an inherent part of operations at the military base at Twentynine Palms, proving that if you want a recycling job done right, send the Marines.

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In August 1952, dozens of men and trucks made their way to an area just north of Twentynine Palms, christened “Camp Detachment.” A local newspaper heralded the event with a headline that suggested the start of something momentous: MARINES ARRIVE. Col. Verle E. Ludwig, who later penned a history of the area, described the place as a “weird hunk of

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A Valley of Art

Treat your eyes with art in the most surprising places.

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The wide-open spaces of the desert provide a blank canvas for dreamers, creators, and innovators — as well as a habitat for all varieties of eccentrics, oddballs, and artists. On Feb. 25, 2017, Desert X (www.desertx.org), a new, free-to-the-public, international exhibition of site-specific art installations, will unfold across the Coachella Valley, up to the High Desert and down to the

The History Of Palm Springs Spas

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TB Puts PS on the Map There is no question: Tuberculosis put Palm Springs on the map. Up until 1876 when the Southern Pacific Railroad cut through the San Gorgonio Pass to Los Angeles, the area stood virtually undiscovered by white pioneers. Johnny was the first of many invalids to come and be healed in the healthy desert climate. Among