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Naked Purse

Out in the badlands of Painted Canyon, this colorful and forbidding natural landscape provides a stunning backdrop for some revealing photography

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Set against Painted Canyon’s natural wonders, these handbags cannot help but come alive.

Palm Springs Life May 2016

Palm Springs Life Magazine May 2016

Jerry Sullivent

THE REAL ESTATE ISSUE ON THE COVER – Key photographed by Fredrik Brodén. Brazilian Modern By Carol Crotta. The desert’s midcentury modern movement and that of Brazil are united by their striving for a similar ideal. VALLEY The Big Valley By R. Daniel Foster, Mona De Crinis, Patti Myers, and Mike MacDonald. Photographs By Taylor Sherrill. Our Special Real Estate


Room to Play

Yucca Valley Visual & Performing Arts Center opens 15,000 square feet to art, education, and performance in the High Desert.

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The recent opening of the Yucca Valley Arts Center comes as the High Desert is both proud of, and struggling with, its “arts mecca” label.