Shakti Fest Sets up Camp in May

Yoga, song, dance, seminars, and workshop bring spiritual community together in Joshua Tree.

Ashley Breeding Arts & Entertainment, Current Guide

Shakti Fest is led by women but open to all.

The ninth annual Shakti Fest sets up camp May 10–14 at the Joshua Tree Retreat Center. Upon realizing his other events were “male dominated,” festival founder Sridhar Silberfein, a practicing yogi since the 1960s who visits India annually, wanted a celebration centered on “the goddess, the divine feminine presence.”

With the purpose of drawing the spiritual community together to “experience love and compassion” through yoga, song, dance, seminars, and workshops, Shakti Fest is led by women but open to all. Here, Silberfein takes us deeper into the goddess energy of Shakti and what she offers to festivalgoers.

Where the Wild Things Are: “We’ve chosen the High Desert for its natural beauty, serene setting, and the amazing community of Joshua Tree. The Frank Lloyd Wright–designed center is also incredible.”

I Get High With a Little Help From My Friends: “We guide you inward, not outward, and show you how meditation, yoga, and singing can get you very, very high — filled with love and feelings of kindness.”


His and Hers: “We’ve expanded our Women’s Dome, featuring female-only seminars taught by spiritual elder women. Don’t worry, guys: We have a dome exclusively for you, too, plus a Medicinal CBD [Cannabidiol] circle to educate everyone about this valuable new resource.”

Teach Your Children Well: “We want to guide children on how to do the right thing in school and in their lives, and to maintain integrity, honesty, compassion, and help others. Our Kids Land teaches yoga, meditation, and the dharma of life.”

Shakti Fest begins at 7 a.m. with a small fire ceremony, followed by several yoga classes, meditations, and spiritual classes that run until 2 a.m.

Shakti Fest, May 10-14,