2022 forecast

Look Ahead

Here are 3 ways to leave the pandemic behind and make 2022 the best it can be.

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2022 forecast
Three Tips

Shirley Lipner, a popular clairvoyant, empath, and psychic medium based in Rancho Mirage, offers a trio of ways to leave the pandemic behind and feel more centered and enlightened in 2022.

Confluence, Not Influence

Be the person who brings people together. Find common ground because 2022 isn’t about you. It’s about us. Trust your intuition for the greatest understanding of yourself and others. Don’t look to others for your truth. Allow others to find theirs. Sharing is caring.

Random Acts of Mindfulness

We are coming out of our caves and reconnecting with one another in 2022. Strike up a conversation with a stranger on your daily walk, and you will discover that you have more in common than you have in difference.

Give and Let Ego

This will be a great year to stop patterns of old behaviors that haven’t worked for you. Track them down in the moment and make the choice to act differently. Once you identify a trigger, there’s no going back — and why would you want to? Stop in the name of loving yourself.


Shirley Lipner