SilverRock Resort: Scorecard of Natural Wonder

La Quinta golf course is about more than just pars and birdies.

Judd Spicer Golf

Watermark lines are most notably seen at the cart staging area, and along the 15th fairway and 16th tee box at SilverRock Resort.

SilverRock Resort in La Quinta is about more than just pars and birdies. Rather, one of Greater Palm Springs’ top golf (and FootGolf) courses presents a scorecard of natural wonder.

“SilverRock is a great course with a great layout, but we just have a lot of cool stuff here,” says Randy Duncan, general manager at SilverRock Resort.

Something of an amateur geologist, and curious by nature, Duncan has researched the Santa Rosa Mountain surrounds which route the Arnold Palmer-designed course.

“Many people may not know that this but parts of our Coachella Valley was once at the bottom of the ocean millions of years ago.  It was an extension of the Gulf of California that covered parts of the Coachella Valley,” Duncan says. “Eventually, a naturally occurring dam would be created by the Colorado River, caused from silt deposits that isolated the north part of the Gulf.  Because it didn’t have replenishments or source of water,  it receded, evaporated, and eventually became a desert.”

“At different times after this occurrence , the Colorado River would change its course and would shift north causing the river to empty into the Saltin basin and created a very large fresh water lake that covered 2,000 square miles and covered parts of the our valley,” he adds. “Today, you can see the old water marks on the base of the Santa Rosa Mountains around SilverRock and get a perspective of how much water was in our valley at different points in history”

“The best place to see these marks are on holes 15 and 16 and the rocks adjacent to the cart staging area at SilverRock.”

Enjoy the scenery at SilverRock by grabbing a patio table at the on-site Grill.

With breakfast and lunch offered seven days a week from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. (including breakfast all day long), SilverRock scores with one the desert’s best clubhouse menus.

“We have a great selection of healthy choices, and really emphasize having organic and fresh foods on our menus,” says Duncan of a selection placing a premium on fresh-over-frozen.

For breakfast, the Huevos Rancheros and Palmer Panini prove ever-popular, while the lunch options beckon with Kobe Beef Burgers, Baja Fish Tacos (with halibut), Ahi Salad, a thorough list of grilled panini sandwiches and fresh cookies baked on-site daily (“They may not exactly be healthy, but they sure are good,” laughs Duncan).

For those not placing tee-to-turf, fear not: SilverRock’s inclusive culture is ready to serve.

“SilverRock isn’t just for golfers,” Duncan prides. “It’s a beautiful place to come, and we see a lot of non-golfers enjoying the patio and using our free Wi-Fi. We’re dog-friendly as well, and put out the water bowls for them. It really is a great place if you want to come out, have an amazing breakfast or lunch on our patio, and just see all the stuff around you.”

SilverRock Resort
79-179 Ahmanson Lane
La Quinta