You’re Getting Warmer

This wall-mounted fixture offers the hot towel treatment with an earthy, aromatic bonus.

Lisa Marie Hart Current Digital, Home & Design, Real Estate

Organic elements in the bath bring warmth to a classic but cool all-white motif. The Sophia Electric Towel Warmer made of cedar and the Coletta soaking tub in sandstone.

On cold desert nights or chilly winter mornings, only one thing feels better than a hot shower or a toasty bath: a pre-warmed towel to wrap yourself up in afterward.

Aquatica Bath didn’t settle for a tubular metal contraption that reads cold and institutional despite its heating abilities. The foundation for its organic and modern Sophia Electric Towel Warmer is a simple, wall-mounted slab of Lebanese cedar. Tucked inside, advanced composite heating technology warms your favorite towel while also giving off the woodsy scent of the cedar’s natural resin. 

Substantial yet serene, the warmer features peeled edges that expose the raw beauty of the Cedrus libani. The attractive evergreen conifer, native to the mountains of the Eastern Mediterranean basin, has long been prized for everything from ancient woodworking and shipbuilding to Egyptian papermaking, railroads, and as material for the biblical temple of King Solomon. 

Both the vertical and horizonal formats of the towel warmer please the senses and warm the body, incorporating Class 2 insulation behind the scenes. Each uses the modest energy of a 100-watt bulb yet continues transferring heat for more than 15 minutes after the power has been switched off. Those who run cold might consider tossing their sweater and pants on the warmer for a quick toast, too, especially during these months that can pack a punch of frosty air.

To pair it with a statement tub, Aquatica dug deep on design in producing the tapered Coletta. A Scandinavian-influenced soaker in luxe black concrete with a white interior or in creamy natural sandstone fit for a spa, the tub respects the environment by boasting 40 percent recycled content. Start your faucets; it’s going to be a warm winter after all.