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A Touch of Europe on El Paseo

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A walk through the galleries on El Paseo leads ultimately to The Hart Gallery, where a wide open and generous space awaits the visitor. The Harts wanted to create a space where  art can breathe and visitors feel welcome to approach contemporary art without any barriers. The warm greeting by Director Christian Hohmann or Owner Eva Hart makes this gallery visit a special experience, and the eclectic collection of European art will intrigue the sophisticated as well as the casual collector.  With original paintings in all media and a large selection of classic and contemporary sculpture, the gallery portrays an exceptional and different attitude in a bright and welcoming atmosphere.

Making sophisticated art approachable is what Eva Hart wants to accomplish in her flagship gallery in the desert. Her curators are searching for great artists all over the world, primarily in Europe, that can live up to their motto: “Art stirs the soul and feeds the mind.”

Her artists found their way into some of the most prestigious homes here in the valley and all over the United States. After doing business in America for nine years now, the gallery has accumulated loyal patrons all over the country. 

“Our main goal is to become art consultants to our patrons for a lifetime and to develop a relationship based on trust,” says Eva Hart. To make the experience of acquiring a valuable piece of art pleasant and without surprises or regrets is her priority. For that, Eva Hart and her team have always gone out of their way to meet their clients’ wishes.

“For us, selling art is more than finding a decorative piece — it is the thrill of finding perfection and providing the pride of ownership of a treasure that will last a lifetime.”

The Hart Gallery on El Paseo has become an inherent part of the desert art scene. By bringing contemporary European art to this country that is compelling and somewhat challenging, it has set a new standard of quality that defines the narrow focus the gallery pursues: sophisticated but approachable art that is unusual and different from the commercial trends, with a balanced and harmonic aesthetic that is easy and enjoyable to live with.

A special exhibition area in the gallery features solo exhibitions of a different artist every Art Walk

This season’s highlights include major shows with two of the most successful artists of the gallery: Eberhard Hueckstaedt and Karin Voelker. Their return to the desert has long been awaited by collectors and fans.

The Hart Gallery brings a touch of Europe to El Paseo, and the serious as well as the casual collector will find The Hart Gallery a wonderful art experience.

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