Splash House Fashion Inspiration

Splash House Round 2 is officially here and it's time to gear up for an epic weekend of dancing, floaties, and poolside fashion.

Nalani Hernandez-Melo Attractions, Current Digital


Splash House is not your typical pool party where you’ll find party-goers wearing standard bikinis and swimming trunks or find people laying casually by the water’s edge. Nope, not here!

This is where the EDM festival culture meets Palm Springs pool party attire. A place where the face and body glitter, although questionable for the pool, is celebrated. Where neon-colored swimsuits and vibrant patterns of flamingos and cactus live harmoniously on the dance floor. And most importantly, a place where floaties are a must outfit accessory — the bigger and brighter, the better.

And don’t worry about getting down to the beat and looking like a hot mess later. All you have to do is dive into the pool and just like that – outfit refresh!

Welcome to summer pool party paradise.

So to get the fashion inspiration flowing. we’ve pulled together some of our favorite looks and costumes from summer’s ultimate pool party.

For full Splash House details visit www.splashhouse.com