spun chair

Can’t Top This

Spun Chair by Magis intrigues and intimidates. Large and mysterious, it looms with a ridged surface designed to keep one from falling out.

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spun chair

Perfecting my new form of mindfulness.

I was seeking a good pick for this issue when someone cooler than me (my editor) mentioned he had spotted the Spun Chair by Magis on a few local patios. Maybe you’ve seen them too and didn’t give them much thought.

An indoor-outdoor chair that looks like sculpture and spins like a top was a yes for me, bringing to mind my clunky old Sit’n’Spin toy. Which could have been called Sit’N’Spin’N’Fall Off, but I might have had my ambitions set too high for its design, white-knuckling my way to hours of fun in our chilly Midwest basement. I wanted to take the grown-up version for a test drive, and Modern Hacienda obliged with one of their floor models. I invited fellow former Brooklynite and new local transplant, Kathy Murphy, to join me at their Palm Desert showroom for a second opinion.

Spun intrigues and intimidates. Large and mysterious, it looms with a ridged surface designed to keep one from falling out. The folks at Modern Hacienda eased us into this thrill throne, tilting the chair forward, from upright artwork to spin-ready seat. Our photographer hopped in but wasn’t keen to go 360-degrees around. Kathy gave us a series of coy poses that had me wishing we had brought her a flute of Champagne.

Void of back, arms, or legs, the chair was less terrifying than I expected. It rotates in a slow, smooth groove, just like a top. The user can switch direction, speed it up, or stay put. I swiftly delighted in its dizzying escape, where I could focus only on balance, having fun, and showing off my boots. Returning home, I saw our patio looked lifeless and bare. Might be time to get Spun.

Kathy Murphy strikes a vogue pose.
3 Degrees of Spun Separation:

• The chair was designed for Magis by Heatherwick Studio, the same firm behind Little Island park in Manhattan. Catch the Modernism Week presentation on Feb. 20.

• Modern Hacienda will host a Modernism Week pop-up at the restored Town & Country Center (168 N. Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs). Architect Donald Wexler once kept an office in the terrazzo-laden space and is one of the important architects who contributed to the center’s design.

• Kathy Murphy (@murphylovesart) is co-founder of the Vintage Collective, a curated selection of fine vintage and unique clothing, accessories, and jewelry. The traveling marketplace debuts March 26 during Fashion Week El Paseo at Imago Galleries in Palm Desert.

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