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If you’re looking to add a piece of the desert to your home, these nurseries are the prime places to purchase a variety of succulents that don’t, well, suck.

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cactus palm springs
You can dig up your own tiny cactus at Cactus Mart in Yucca Valley.
Moorten Botanical Garden

Chances are you’ve seen a photo of this iconic Palm Springs nursery on Instagram thanks to their one of a kind “cactarium,” but it’s more than just a photo op. Clark Moorten and his team help visitors pick out the perfect plants — even for those lacking green thumbs.
1701 S. Palm Canyon Dr., Palm Springs,

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Cactus Mart

For a truly unique experience finding a prickly new friend, take a trip to the High Desert and dig your own tiny cactus for less than a buck at this Yucca Valley institution. With just the right amount of love, care, and light, the little guys will eventually grow to full-size cacti. 
49889 Twentynine Palms Hwy., Yucca Valley,

Palo Verde Nursery

On the north end of Palm Springs, create a custom succulent arrangement at this hidden gem by picking out a pot then populating it with such wildly named plants as kalanchoe tomentosa (donkey ears), haworthia fasciata (zebra plant), and faucaria tigrina (tiger jaws). Oh my!
2393 N. Palm Canyon Dr., Palm Springs,

Mariscal Cactus and Succulents

Many lovingly refer to Mariscal as the “Disneyland of cacti” thanks to their bountiful supply. The expansive grounds are stocked with a wide variety of succulents — and more. Favorites include easy-to-care-for aloe vera and echeveria, which resemble beautiful blooming flowers.
66085 Dillon Rd., Desert Hot Springs,


Keep Your Cacti Looking Sharp

Succulents don’t always need direct sunlight to thrive. Most enjoy partial shade.

Allow soil to dry completely between watering to keep them healthy.

Clean dusty plants with a damp cloth (or a paintbrush for hard-to-reach spots).

Moorten Botanical Garden


Moorten Botanical Garden