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ASID Project Runway – March 23, 2010

ASID Project Runway - "Factory Muse"Kimberly Swanson, ASID
Swanson Interior Design Group
"Factory Muse"
inspired by Brillo Box Dress, 1964 – Andy Warhol

"I’d rather buy a dress and put it up on the wall, than put a painting, wouldn’t you?" – Andy Warhol

Andy was becoming quite famous in his series of "grocery carton" sculptures that included the Brillo Box, Heinz ketchup, and Campbell’s tomato soup. The Brillo Box Dress is an amazing departure from his box sculptures. Drawing from the creative energy and excitement surrounding Andy during his 1960’s days at "The Factory," Factory Muse incorporates the graphic imagery and primary color palette from the brillo box, with a skirt created by cases of actual brillo pads. We think Andy would approve!

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