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Trina Turk Fetes Collaboration of Artist Jim Isermann, Design Brand Placewares

Isermann, a Palm Springs resident, designs the windows of the brand's iconic 1962 Albert Frey.

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Trina Turk and Jonathan Skow (Mr. Turk) hosted a celebration marking the collaboration between internationally known and collected artist Jim Isermann, a Palm Springs resident, and Placewares, a design house and shop celebrating its 40th birthday next year and owned by longtime friends (and former Palm Springs neighbors), Kevin Lane and Shev Rush. The reception included catering by F10 and

Albert Frey architect

Frey’s Tools

During his more than 60-year sojourn in Palm Springs, Albert Frey sat down with reams of paper and these tools and created architectural works that are now among the most prized monuments in our valley.

Kent Black Modernism

Many years ago when I was living in New York, I read a story in a magazine about an octogenarian architect residing in Palm Springs. I don’t recall the magazine or the theme of the story. What I recall most vividly are the photos of this nearly 90-year-old gentleman practicing yoga in his ultracool, hillside home. At the time, all

The Monkey Tree Hotel

Full Circle

The Monkey Tree Hotel, designed in 1960 by architect Albert Frey, has a rich history whose legacy has been preserved and updated for the 21st century.

Lawrence Karol Hotels & Resorts, Modernism

When The Monkey Tree Hotel opened back in 1960, its original rack rate card was designed with the classic midcentury color combination of yellow and teal. Coincidentally, that exact color scheme played a prominent role in the renovation undertaken in 2016 by the property’s current owners, Gary and Kathy Friedle. The pool area has yellow umbrellas and the existing furniture