barbara gothard

Brushstrokes of Her Life

Palm Springs artist Barbara Gothard reveals much about herself in her paintings at the upcoming Art Palm Springs fair.

Marcia Gawecki Arts & Entertainment

In 2012, while living in her Palm Springs home, artist Barbara Gothard lost nearly everything to water damage and mold, caused by heavy rainstorms. It had a profound impact on her future series of artwork, even though she lost only a few paintings. Loss has been the theme for many of her pieces, including one recent installation that repurposed a


Holy Moses

At Art Palm Springs, Andy Moses celebrates the life of his late father and how their lives are connected by painting.

Steven Biller Arts & Entertainment

This month, Art Palm Springs honors Ed and Andy Moses as artists of the year, an award previously given to Lita 
Albuquerque, Larry Bell, Judy Chicago, and Mel Ramos.