the living desert zoo and gardens

Where the Wild Things Are

Celebrating a golden milestone, The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens brings Australia to the Coachella Valley, contends with a (human) pandemic, and prepares for its biggest inhabitants yet.

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It started on the back of an envelope. In 1970, when Karen Sausman was hired as the first director of The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens — known at that point as The Living Desert Reserve — the plucky naturalist and educator mapped out an ambitious plan for a sprawling campus in the heart of the Coachella Valley showcasing flora


Desert Fun at Dusk in Greater Palm Springs

Summer activity options abound once the sun goes down.

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Sure, the desert’s summer sizzle can deter daytime activity levels for many. But recreation options arise (and even abound) across the valley as the sun begins to set. Explore the bounty of the desert at dusk during summer months with these options. String up after sunset with an evening match under the lights at a host of public tennis facilities,