autonomy and life

Wake up and Smell the Coffee

We who study autonomy and life recognize that we need to be bound to be free.

Arnold Siegel Health & Wellness

In the 1960s and 1970s the phrase, “Wake up and smell the coffee” was widely used by those in groups whose said purpose was an increased awareness of social phenomena about which they had been clueless and, as well, by those who used the concept as an excuse to get high. What “high” meant to some was a release from


What Makes America Great

America is great when we recognize just how much common decency we share despite our deeply entrenched and often oppositional positions.

Arnold Siegel Health & Wellness

Forging a nation and a state out of disparate communities has always been a hard-won feat. But here in America we met the challenge and built our nation on ideal and practical values. Among them is our commitment, diverse as we are, to be, in principle and substance, responsible for ourselves and accountable to others for being trustworthy. Indeed, over