maxson art

Artistic Plunge

Linda and Greg Maxson have gone from showing their art in the casita of their Palm Desert home to a expansive gallery space at the Backstreet Art District.

Marcia Gawecki Arts & Entertainment

When the husband-and-wife artistic team of Linda and Greg Maxson retired from Dow Chemical, their lifelong dream of owning a gallery took shape in small, calculated business steps. For three years, they hosted monthly art shows out of a casita at their Palm Desert home to showcase Linda’s paintings, prints, sculptures and tiles. With a solid backing of regular customers last year,

palm springs high school

“Portraits of a City” Showcases Palm Springs’ Diversity Through Photo Exhibit

Five Palm Springs High School students participate in after school project that will continue to gain wall space in the fall.

Marcia Gawecki Arts & Entertainment

When photographer Chari Godakanda agreed to be the artist-in-residence for a joint venture between Palm Springs Unified School District (PSUSD) and the city to showcase the city’s diverse community in photos, he drew from his own background. Born in Sri Lanka, a tiny multicultural island outside of India, to a Catholic mother and a Buddhist father, Godakanda says, “We had