O2 House

The Master’s Apprentice

Palm Springs Native Lance O'Donnell Learned His Craft From Some Of The Area's Great Architects, But The Art Is His Alone.

Brooke Hodge Modernism

The first homes in what is likely to be the last major hillside development in Palm Springs are opening their doors just in time for Modernism Week. The Desert Palisades project — a 110-acre housing tract on an environmentally sensitive site in Chino Canyon — has not been without its controversy because of the pristine desert landscape it occupies but,

Al Beadle

Meet The Beadle!

A Midcentury Master Finally Finds His Way to Palm Springs.

Pilar Viladas Modernism

Based in Phoenix, Beadle (1927-1998) gained fame in Arizona for houses, commercial structures such as the IBEW Building, and apartment buildings like the Executive Towers, all of which translated the rigorous, steel-and-glass vocabulary of modern masters like Mies van der Rohe into a warmer, more relaxed — but no less elegant — desert idiom. Beadle’s 1963 Triad Apartments, a clean-lined