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Top 10 Most Googled Cocktails This Summer

Here are the most popular classic cocktails based on monthly Google search results this summer.

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Here are the top 10 classic cocktails enjoying a brand-new moment in the limelight, based on monthly Google search results this summer.

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Best Quiet Bar for a Classic Cocktail

And for Best Use of Foam in a Cocktail? Bar Cecil has created a drink with a creamy foam that "almost looks like a lemon meringue pie when it comes out.”

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Seymour’s at Mr. Lyons in Palm Springs has an atmosphere of calm when you pass through the velvet curtain, a well-crafted drink, and peace.

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What Cocktail to Order at Greater Palm Springs Mexican Restaurants

Chase your classic meal with an equally traditional beverage.

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When you’re trying to determine what to chase down a classic Mexican dish in Greater Palm Springs, consider these seven cocktail selections.