The Insider’s Guide to Stagecoach

What to bring, where to go, and getting home.

CAROLINE RYDER Arts & Entertainment

Coachella’s smaller country cousin was born in 2007 and is now ranked the third most successful music festival in the U.S., with fans happily returning from Tennessee, Alabama, and Appalachia in RVs, choppers, and possibly on horseback year after year to see the tried-and-true headliners on the Mane stage. Where Coachella shuns sponsorship, Stagecoach embraces the might and tradition of

david lee murphy

He’s All About Country

David Lee Murphy shares his love for music at ‘The Songwriters’ event during The Warburton Celebrity Golf Tournament fundraiser.

GREG ARCHER Arts & Entertainment

More than 20 years ago, David Lee Murphy climbed the Billboard country charts with “Just Once” and soon found himself saddling up for fame with a series of plucky albums, such as Gettin’ Out the Good Stuff and We Can’t All Be Angels. His Billboard country chart-topper “Dust on the Bottle,” may remain his personal favorite, but when all is