Pyramid Scheme

Taking ancient forms to the cutting edge,
 the elusive Kas Infinite finds his voice.

Steven Biller Arts & Entertainment

ART Artists know when they find the perfect groove. They seize the moment and push it as far as they can possibly go. Everything else in their lives suffers. Chris Sanchez is in one right now, imagining and creating one project after another, aware the sum of his ideas — drawing from street art, land art, light and space, minimalism,

Desert X

Ways of Seeing

Neville Wakefield tees up the sprawling and wildly unorthodox Desert X.

Steven Biller Arts & Entertainment

ART Cool and curious, Neville Wakefield steps onto the ledge of the lap pool at a Little Tuscany house overlooking acres of raw desert in the upper foothills of Mount San Jacinto. The sun aligns with the mountains’ peaks, casting the day’s last glow on its eastern face, as he stands pensively. Slowly he rolls up the sleeves of his

3 Stellar Axis - Antarctica

A Space Odyssey

Otherworldly artist Lita Albuquerque touches down in the desert.

Steven Biller Arts & Entertainment

ART So much art wants to move you. Lita Albuquerque’s art, on the other hand, wants to ground you, align you to the cosmos, and connect you to a world bigger and deeper than the one you know. “If you’re truly in the present moment — at this time, in this place, in this state, in this country, on this