marty massiello

Marty Massiello

Executive Vice President/COO, Eisenhower Medical Center.

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A growing population, expanding medical facilities, and cutting-edge technology create plenty of opportunity to work in healthcare in the Coachella Valley. As Eisenhower’s executive vice president and chief operating officer, Marty Massiello manages the change at the hospital’s main campus in Rancho Mirage, as well as its clinics throughout the area. And he’s always recruiting. “You can have a fulfilling

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With Direct Primary care, everybody wins.

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In 2008 Eisenhower Medical Center made a frontal attack on a failing system. In its crosshairs was our system of primary care in the U.S., notorious for crowded waiting rooms, impersonal office staff, long delays for appointments, and blink-of-an-eye face-time with over-scheduled doctors. Eisenhower wanted to do better by its patients. They hired family physician and medical office reformer Dr.


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One doctor’s big idea can change the way we learn and communicate.

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In Palm Springs, the world’s top pathologists are examining slides under microscopes and sharing their knowledge in real time with doctors and students around the globe. Throughout the year, experts converge on downtown’s iconic Alan Ladd building, now called The Five Hundred (500 S. Palm Canyon Drive). They assemble in two microscopy labs, each outfitted with 17 personal-use microscopes and