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5 Best Restaurants for French Fries in the Desert

Live and Let Fry: A tasty mission to find the best french fries in Greater Palm Springs.

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Thanks to a recent boom in food trucks, the basic french fry has undergone a makeover. No longer are crispy potatoes a mere side dish — the modern french fry has become a unique meal in itself. By some accounts, “french” fries date back to the late 1700s right before the French Revolution, a time when street vendors sold potato

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5 Best Places for a Hot Dog

Simplify your search, and find out how this handheld dish is dressed up for your consumption.

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When he first considered opening his own hot dog establishment, Tristan Gittens says one piece of advice he received was to limit the selection of sausages. Keep it simple, they told him. Gittens thought otherwise and opened Frankinbun. “Finding a hot dog restaurant that has a large selection of European and American sausages isn’t easy, so I wanted to open