Aladdin condominiums

City Vibe Meets Desert Calm

Local architect Lance O’Donnell designed four sleek condominiums just steps from Palm Desert’s El Paseo shopping district.

Lawrence Karol Home & Design, Real Estate

Aladdin on Shadow Mountain sounds like it could be the title of a fun, new Disney film. In actuality, what’s been conjured up just a couple of blocks south of El Paseo in Palm Desert are four stylish, contemporary condominiums. “Aladdin is more than just condominiums,” says Richard Bartholomew, real estate agent for the project along with Gregg Fletcher, both

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Fine Art Extraordinaire

The Chino Canyon Project reinvents staged architecture as an A-List contemporary art presentation.

Shana Dambrot Arts & Entertainment

Modernism Week in Palm Springs is known for the unmatched architecture and design of the region’s iconic aesthetic history, and its partnership with the Art Palm Springs infuses the proceedings with a dazzling contemporary sensibility. In this spirit, the innovative Chino Canyon Project combines these interests in a must-see destination home. In a breathtaking desert vista are set a pair

chino canyon project

Ready for Their Close-up

Chino Canyon Project in Palm Springs brings modern architecture, design, and sustainability to light during Modernism Week.

Erin Peters Modernism, Real Estate

O’Donnell will speak about his ethos Feb. 26 in relation to his latest project, “O2 House,” which will make its public debut during Modernism Week starting Feb. 16. Located at the Desert Palisades Project in Chino Canyon, O’Donnell’s creation embodies how modern, sustainable homes located in challenging hillside conditions can create lasting mirco-ecologues, habitats, and sustainable water and energy balances.

O2 House

The Master’s Apprentice

Palm Springs Native Lance O'Donnell Learned His Craft From Some Of The Area's Great Architects, But The Art Is His Alone.

Brooke Hodge Modernism

The first homes in what is likely to be the last major hillside development in Palm Springs are opening their doors just in time for Modernism Week. The Desert Palisades project — a 110-acre housing tract on an environmentally sensitive site in Chino Canyon — has not been without its controversy because of the pristine desert landscape it occupies but,