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10 Spots to Watch Super Bowl 54 in the Desert

Here's a list to get your started regardless of where your loyalities lay.

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Here are 10 places in Greater Palm Springs where you can enjoy Super Bowl 54 and the big-screen experience regardless of which team is your favorite.

Mike Tyson

Still Packs a Punch

Mike Tyson has braved career highs and lows and major hits to his personal life but somehow managed to come out the other side victorious. He reveals all in a refreshingly candid one-man show at Morongo Casino.

GREG ARCHER Arts & Entertainment

Mike Tyson was once “the baddest man on the planet” and the youngest boxer to hold all three heavyweight titles. But nearly a decade ago, an emotional turn inward seemed to unleash a new kind of beast — one brave enough to get up on stage and actually poke fun of himself. The result has fueled a surprisingly robust second

Marlon Wayans

Isn’t He Special

Comedian Marlon Wayans bucks the system to bring his observational standup June 2 to Morongo Casino.

Mike Mettler Arts & Entertainment

Is there anything Marlon Wayans can’t do? The actor, producer, comedian, writer, and director boasts a lifetime $736 million box office take domestically (Scary Movie, White Chicks, and A Haunted House and are among his many hits), but the man is not quite satisfied he’s reached his full potential just yet. “It’s not about being accepted by any select group