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Twenty Years, Twenty Schnitzels

Austrian chef Johannes Bacher has been delighting desert patrons with his eclectic cuisine for two decades. To celebrate, he’s offering a unique challenge to change any negative perception about his favorite food, the schnitzel.

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Austrian chef Johannes Bacher is marking his 20th year in Palm Springs by challenging his customers to try 20 types of schnitzel being added to the menu.

azucar restaurant

Transport Your Taste Buds

Azúcar at La Serena Villas in Palm Springs serves tapas with a California twist.

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Just past the sparkling pool of the newly renovated La Serena Villas in Palm Springs, the French-doored dining room of Azúcar summons with the promise of a relaxing, sumptuous meal. The dining establishment opens to include a few poolside tables when temperatures turn moderate. Moorish mirrors, floral-papered walls, and graphic saw-toothed tiles combine with Frida Kahlo prints and luxurious white-leather