Desert Fun at Dusk in Greater Palm Springs

Summer activity options abound once the sun goes down.

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Sure, the desert’s summer sizzle can deter daytime activity levels for many. But recreation options arise (and even abound) across the valley as the sun begins to set. Explore the bounty of the desert at dusk during summer months with these options. String up after sunset with an evening match under the lights at a host of public tennis facilities,

toughest courses

5 Toughest Golf Courses in Greater Palm Springs

If you're looking for that ultimate golf challenge, here are five public courses guaranteed to test your skills.


With the desert’s high-season in full swing, it’s time for the golf excuses (and sloppy scores) to fade. Your best move is to up your game and tackle one of the five toughest public golf courses in Greater Palm Springs. Here they are in no particular order. In part to improve on pace of play, the Desert Willow brass wisely

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From Dusk to Dawn

If you’re a desert dweller who likes being outside year-round, in 
summer you’re probably a night owl. Here’s how to take wing.

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The summer sun is intense, but Palm Springs and the Coachella Valley are open for all manner of nocturnal activities. The Lights at Indio GC shine on every evening, and the only illuminated golf course in the Coachella Valley invites you to lose just as many balls after dark as you do at high noon. No need to use those