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Titans of Take-Out

They tweaked their menus, found the right packaging, and pressed on with flair and care.

Lizbeth Scordo Current PSL, Restaurants

While many Greater Palm Springs restaurants had always offered take-out menu items, the pandemic changed their economic importance overnight.


Greater Palm Springs Chefs Share Their Fave Recipes

From Wilma & Frieda's classic meatloaf to The Venue Roll, find out what ingredients make these signature dishes so popular.

Site Staff Restaurants

Bring together seven of the top Greater Palm Springs chefs and you get a chance to discover why their signature dishes taste so good. They share their recipes here, and why they are among their customers’ first choice. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Mix meatloaf ingredients together, carefully folding in items to not overwork the meat. Cut mixture in half

Palm Springs Chefs

Chef Engin Dreams of Day Off

What do our favorite 
chefs like to do when they get together? It involves sharp knives, fire, wine, beer, and moscow mules. What could possibly 
go wrong?

Maggie Downs Restaurants

At a sleek house in the Historic Tennis Club neighborhood of Palm Springs, the chefs are introduced through other senses instead. It’s all about scent and sound. Walk up the driveway, and you already know who’s inside. There’s the discordant clang of pans pulled from shelves. The shimmy and whistle of a simmering pot. Knives making contact with cutting boards.