Take Me Away!

Great bathrooms burst with soothing, spa-style amenities

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Anyone who has dreamed of knocking out a wall, shrinking a closet, or narrowing a hallway to gain more space for the bathroom appreciates the importance of a quiet, soothing space and the option of a calming bath or refreshing shower. The ideal bathroom feels complete but not decorated and — through color, texture, design, and accessories — can whisk you away as soon as you hear the sound of running water.

Hide and Seat Behold the bath of the future and its first fixture: Julien’s throne-be-gone stainless steel bench toilet ($11,475) by Troy Adams Design. A teak-wood panel cleverly slides to either conceal or reveal the fixture. Featuring a convenient storage drawer, it doubles as a bench when not in use. Pacific Sales, 34295 Monterey Ave., Rancho Mirage, 760-770-5839.

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