That's a Wrap! Spa Esmeralda Process Slims the Body

Tension bandages soaked in burdock root and jade part of detox process

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Spa Esmeralda has been a favorite of mine ever since I moved to the desert two years ago.

I randomly stumbled upon it… (meaning I was doing Google research).

I had just gotten back from my first Napa vacation ever and my gluttony had made me feel like The Pillsbury Doughboy upon my return.

Desperate to find some “quick fix” to at least remove my double chin – that I was convinced was sheer water weight – I started researching every body wrap in the desert that had the key words either “ detox” or “lose inches” included in the description.

When I saw Spa Esmeralda at the Renaissance Resort & Spa in Indian Wells had a wrap called “The Jadience Compression Wrap”, claiming that you could lose 12 inches in one treatment… I was on board!

Of course I didn’t expect to lose 12, but I would have been happy with a couple.

The surroundings at Spa Esmeralda receive an A grade. Attentive spa attendants and cozy lounge area are always a good start to a treatment.

My esthetician Jessica (whom I have been to several times) is beyond knowledgeable and passionate about her job and the treatment.

“The Jadience Compression Wrap” begins with dry brushing to stimulate lymph drainage followed by a warm brush soaked in burdock root applied to your whole body. Burdock root is a blood cleanser and is one of the main ingredients used to detoxify the body.

From there, tension bandages soaked in burdock root and jade are snuggly wrapped around each limb until you are totally covered. Essentially, you look like a mummy!
Following the wrap, you lie down on a treatment bed in your mummy-like state with a warm blanket covering you while the practitioner massages your feet and hands. Pure bliss.

After the allotted amount of time, you are unwrapped and given a shot of their “Slimming tonic”(which tastes like old coffee) to continue the detoxification process.

Additions to the treatment include measurements taken before and after if you would like to take note of your change through the treatment. If you would like a 90-minute treatment, a slimming bath and exfoliation is included.

Every time I have the treatment done, I always feel slimmer and refreshed – a noticeable difference in my internal and physical self.

Spa Esmeralda, 44-400 Indian Wells Lane, Indian Wells, (760) 836-1265

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