The 9th Tango

Experience rhythm, romance, and the pursuit of pleasure.

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Bill and Terry Ott in a pose from “The 9th Tango.”
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Smoky sensuality straddles the line between sexy and downright seductive during “The 9th Tango.” This is definitely a different dance experience. Performing at McCallum Theatre in May, Terry and Bill Ott present provocative erotica that teeters on the edge of conventionality. From 7-inch stilettos to West Coast swing and Argentine tango to pole dancing, it’s a story about lovers who discover their hidden passions through dance. Viewers are invited to explore their own inner tango and honor any burning need for self-expression.

“The 9th Tango” smolders with passion, romance, grace, and forbidden pleasures. A husband-and-wife professional dance team, the Otts offer an arousing interpretation of the emotional complexities of dance.

DG: What inspired “The 9th Tango?”

Bill Ott: A desire to create a new and different kind of dance show with excitement for the senses. We see shows, and we see the same things on stage over and over. So we blended an actual lover’s story with dancing. It’s about the relationship connection — not just acrobatics. When we see a show, we want to be inspired to run out of the theater and go dance. We want to make others feel that way when they see us dance.

How long did it take to create?

It was three years writing the dramatic script, doing the choreography, and producing the entire show. Every part was reviewed and polished until it reached perfection.

How has this venture affected your off-stage relationship?

It has brought us extremely close. Nothing boosts a relationship to the next level like a shared project showcasing a shared passion. Our motto is “dance and romance.” We have both discovered beautiful, unknown facets of each other.

What do you want people to walk away with after seeing “The 9th Tango”?

We want them to have experienced an incredible, energizing moment that inspires them to follow their own passions — whatever they are —and share them with those they love.

What’s the most provocative aspect of the performance?

The story. It’s like reading a steamy romance novel. Nothing too explicit, so it’s your own imagination that can carry you away. It’s all about romance and passion and the beauty of the human form in motion. The costumes, shoes, and music alone are compelling reasons to relax and enjoy the show.

What reaction have you’ve received so far?

People are “amazed,” “dazzled,” and “mesmerized” — to use just a few of their own words. They want a couple connection like we have, and they want to dance like us when they grow up. We are lovers, so the passion and chemistry that the audience sees and feels is real, and that’s a big difference.

“The 9th Tango” May 18-20. McCallum Theatre, 73000 Fred Waring Dr., Palm Desert, 760-340-2787;

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