The Apple Store to Open at El Paseo Village

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The store is located at the southwest corner of San Pablo and El Paseo

The Apple Store is far more than just a place to buy Apple products with a wide range of services offered to customers – the overwhelming majority free. They include: free tech support and advice at our Genius Bar (regardless of where you purchased your Apple product), free Personal Shopping appointments, free hands-on workshops, special programs for kids, and personal training through our One to One membership.

In celebration of the grand opening, Apple be giving away 1,000 t-shirts to the first 1,000 customers to visit the store. These t-shirts are unique to the store and will not be printed again, so they’re a bit of a fan favorite and a great souvenir.

The store is located at the southwest corner of San Pablo and El Paseo and you can find detailed directions and additional information on its webpage:

The Apple Store
73-445 El Paseo
Palm Desert, CA 92260

Store hours:
Mon – Sat: 10:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.
Sun: 11:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Overview of Apple Store Services:

The Genius Bar: At the heart of every Apple Store is the Genius Bar, which offers free face-to-face technical support and advice regardless of where your purchased your Apple products. At the Genius Bar, customers can get answers to a wide variety of questions – from how to transfer music to your iPod, to optimizing your hard drive and more, and get hands-on, real-time solutions to Apple-related technical problems. Customers can schedule appointments up to 72 hours in advance through the online Apple Store Concierge on their local Apple Store website.

Workshops: Every Apple Store offers a wide variety of free, weekly workshops that focus on everything from getting started on your new Mac to digital photography, podcasting and more. Qualified Mac Specialists present tips, tricks, and advice in these sessions designed to help customers extend their knowledge, boost their skills, and meet people that share the same interests. New hands-on workshops were also recently introduced offering 1.5 hours of even more in-depth training.

Youth Programs: At the Apple Store we offer a number of free youth programs for kids. These programs are designed to empower kids to use the technology at their fingertips to do the the things that interest them most, and provide them with a forum for showcasing their creative digital projects. Our current Youth programs include Apple Camp, the Youth Workshop series and Field Trip. For more information on our Youth programs you can visit:

Personal Shopping
Our free Personal Shopping service ensures customers can get expert help shopping for a specific product at the time that’s most convenient for them. Using our popular online Concierge system, customers can reserve time with one our expert product Specialist to find the Mac, iPod or iPhone that meets their individual needs up to 14 days in advance – no purchase required.

One to One
Customers who buy a Mac at the Apple Retail Store or Apple’s Online Store can also join the popular One to One program. For just $99, owners of a new Mac get Personal Setup to customize their computer and transfer files from their old Mac or PC, plus a year of Personal Training sessions and Personal Project support on a wide range of topics. Personal Training and Personal Project sessions are lead by Apple’s star team of Creatives – they’re veterans of the music and film industries, television and photography experts, webmasters and composers who have extensive experience in their field and a passion for teaching.

One to One members can choose to focus their personal training sessions on getting started with a Mac, iPod, or iPhone, advancing their moviemaking, digital photography and podcasting skills, building a website or presentation, or can even tailor their individualized training sessions to answer their specific questions or get help with a personal creative project.

Customers who need a larger block of time with a Trainer, can also sign up online for a Personal Projects session where they can visit their local store anytime during a three-hour time slot to get the help they need. They can get help with everything from editing a film to mixing a demo for their band, making a proposal pop, or create anything else they can dream up. One of our Trainers will be available throughout the session to answer questions and show them how to keep your project moving forward. More information available at:

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