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Club pros make move to full-time instructors in Coachella Valley

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At a time when more people are leaving the game of golf than taking it up, one single important factor still remains: Getting better!

Golf is challenging and time consuming. However, those who play golf know they are potentially one swing away from “getting it.”

For the golf coach, the feeling you get from helping one of your students inch closer to their golfing goals can be very rewarding. As a club professional, we have the good fortune of dealing with all aspects of golf, including running events, club fitting, equipment sales, and of course, teaching. But for some club pros, the passion for instruction is paramount in their career. 

Two great professionals whom I have had the pleasure of working with over the past several years are making the shift from club professional to full-time golf coaches.



Indian Ridge associate pro, Reeve Krikke.


Jack Crosley, who has been an avid instructor and PGA associate professional at The Vintage Club for the past 10 years, has made the shift to full-time instructor. The move allows Jack to focus strictly on the betterment of his students at The Vintage Club.

“At the end of the day, I take great pride in seeing my students improve and be able to take what they have learned to the golf course,” Jack says. “I get every student on the course as much as I can to see how they play golf, and not only how they swing the golf club. Focusing on the growth of their game and making a difference for golfers is a huge passion of mine. There is nothing better than seeing someone improve.”

Another club pro making the move to coaching exclusively is Indian Ridge associate pro, Reeve Krikke. Reeve has been a member of the professional team for 10 years at Indian Ridge and is the current Desert “PGA Player of the Year.” I spoke to Reeve this week to get an understanding of what drives him.

“The game of golf has been a huge part of my life and the overwhelming feeling I get from improving someone's golf game is where my passion lies,” Reeve says. ”Fortunately, technology in golf instruction has never been more readily available to both the student and teacher. At Indian Ridge, we have a new teaching facility with all of the tools available to help our students."

Two great coaches are making an impact of the game one student at a time. Golf is in good hands. 


David Woods has been the PGA Director of Golf at The Vintage Club in Indian Wells since 2007. His golf column appears monthly. Visit for more information on The Vintage Club.

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