The Big Island

Escape to a relaxing new way of storing, prepping, 
cooking, and serving.

Lisa Marie Hart Current Digital, Home & Design, Real Estate

Beneath the 12 feet of workspace atop this customizable island is copious storage. The stainless-steel construction, which can be reconfigured anytime, is built to 
last a lifetime.

Need a vacation from your current kitchen? Here’s an idea for restyling its look by changing only one element. The Elliptic island by Moya Living comes in 16 colors, three sizes, and is worth its weight in how hard it works (so you don’t have to).

A silky powder-coat finish washes like a wave over its industrial-strength steel construction, instantly adding a new hue to your space. Some colors even take cues from world-class destinations — Fiji Blue (a subtle sea tone), Turks + Caicos (teal blue), and Palm Springs (a deep orange). Peacefulness and efficiency are built into the design. Behind silent doors, hushed drawers, and soft-close hardware, this freestanding workhorse utilizes every inch of its interior for storage.

If you’re prone to bumping into sharp corners and blurting out unmentionable words, this softer solution takes care of that, too. The Elliptic steps outside the straight-edged box of a traditional island with a more evocative, curvaceous design inspired by architecture and vintage cars.

“I see it as an updated take on midcentury modern but with a fresh approach,” says Moya O’Neill, founder and owner of this business that got its start decades ago by reconditioning professional laboratory furniture. Today, they manufacture their powder-coated steel cabinetry in Southern California, and customers work directly with the dealer. “The end piece pulls out, which I envisioned using as a cocktail bar. Add a cutting board on top and wine and booze below. I love the old cars from the ’50s and ’60s, and I feel like the island captures the fun of that era.”

While the Cadillac Coupe DeVille–size model shown here rolls out 12 feet of prep-and-serve surface, 10-foot and 6-foot versions are also available, as well as bespoke sizes and customizations. Dip your toes into the warm ocean of add-on options: interior lights, glass fronts, refrigerator drawers, a dishwasher with a coordinating front panel, a cooktop, a wine chiller, or a sink. The fact that a number of Elliptics have already been purchased by architects for their personal homes should confirm O’Neill is onto something.

“I think it appeals to trendsetters, artists, and architectural enthusiasts who aren’t afraid of color or bold designs,” she says. “To me, they capture the bright, happy vibe of Palm Springs — my favorite place to rest and recharge.”