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Book aficionados who still relish the tangible product will find their nirvana at The Book Rack in La Quinta.

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the book rack
A customer browses the Best Seller section of The Book Rack in La Quinta.

When she walks into The Book Rack in La Quinta, owner Holly Escobedo feels like the clock has been turned back more than 20 years.

The store has the same name but it’s located in Arcadia, and Escobedo is a customer surrounded by books and a sense of belonging. Today, Escobedo is marking the 22nd year of her own franchise of The Book Rack in La Quinta, still imbued with the same passion that spurred her decision to take the entrepreneurial plunge when she moved to the desert to support her parents. Mentored by Karen Kropp, the owner of The Book Rack in Arcadia, Escobedo pursued her dream.

“It was the idea of being surrounded by books all day long that really sealed the deal for me,” says Escobedo, who patronized the Arcadia location for 14 years.

In a day and age when book stores are becoming more and more obsolete, the La Quinta location is a welcoming site for those who still yearn to browse for their next great read in person.

“It has always been about paper and ink for me,” says Holly, who worked in the printing industry. “Whether it’s a poolside read or a book just to relax, they come here to look. It’s the sense of community that keeps The Book Rack going.”

Book enthusiasts will appreciate the La Quinta store for its open space and stacks of books from floor to ceiling. Many of the books are from the very same customers browsing the shelves, who earn credits toward the purchase of another book by bringing in used books. The store’s cozy confines makes it easy to spend a few hours peering at books from a variety of genres from westerns to best sellers to an expanded Young Readers section for kids, tween, and teens.



Holly Escobedo opened The Book Rack in La Quinta 22 years ago.

The store’s longevity in La Quinta coupled with Escobedo and her staff’s knowledge of the inventory makes it easier to match the reader’s interest to the best possible book.

“I only have to tell Holly what I’m looking for and she knows exactly the book for me,” says Suzanne Reeves, a customer of The Book Rack for several years.

Adds Escobedo, “If someone comes to us with a book or author in mind, I can usually find it. If we don’t have it, we keep our eyes out for it until we can get our hands on it.”

The Book Rack, 78309 Highway 111, La Quinta, 760-771-3449; Facebook page.

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