The Layered Look

These pearly whites will 
make you smile

Lisa Marie Hart Home & Design

Stacked up for double drama, glass beaded wallpaper sits behind windows made of mother of pearl to create the Starlit Lattice wallcovering.

Many of us equate open doors with opportunity. Maya Romanoff found his in the form of a wall. Inspired by Woodstock, the artist’s 1969 experiments in dyeing textiles drew him into couture fashion, installation art, and floor coverings. Yet, he eventually gained renown for his way with walls.

For more than 45 years, the Maya Romanoff company has kept the world beguiled by the extraordinary transformation of flat surfaces. This season, two of the late Romanoff’s most notable wallcoverings converge into one product. From the studio now run by Joyce, his wife and creative partner, comes the opulent Starlit Lattice line. In any room, it fuses the luminescent shimmer of a seashell with the clean sparkle of glass.

The two earthly elements couldn’t make a finer match. A cut-out pattern in mother-of-pearl sits gracefully over the company’s signature Beadazzled flexible glass bead wallcovering. Handcrafted with precision and purpose in Maya Romanoff’s Chicago studio, the layered result is light and white, a vaguely Moroccan honeycomb.

The Thomas Lavin Showroom unveiled the collection at WESTWEEK 2016, a luxury spring market for global design. With two Southern California locations, the showrooms are a hands-on resource for Maya Romanoff’s tactile gallery of wall dressings in woven natural fibers, wood, vinyl, fabric, paper, metal, and stitched materials. Shown here in the Natural Pearl/Bianca color, the shell’s allure takes on new personas in gold and gunmetal.